09. September 2019
06. September 2019
Already in the 1920's OSRAM had established a sales office in Shanghai, China on 15 Robinson Road (today's Changshou Road) to develop the booming Chinese lighting market. Today the company is in financial distress and in the middle of a takeover...
25. August 2019
23. August 2019
Fear of Fan Death is a real thing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death. But seems it was not much of a concern in 1930's China. This baby only has two modes: off or on! It can still kill you though if you stick your arm in it...
21. August 2019
20. August 2019
16. August 2019
Commercial Directory Of Shanghai 上海商标汇编 1928. Published by The Commercial Press Ltd. and containing all brand trademarks registered a that time.
15. August 2019
14. August 2019
13. August 2019
Rare 1938 Shanghai Advertisement Poster Mockup with English Proofing Comments from May 19th 1938. Designed by unknown agency and printed by Shanghai National Tobacco Industry Printing Factory (国营上海烟草工业印刷厂) for National Carbon Company Dry Cells.

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