08. November 2019
The Royal Baking Powder Company was one of the largest producers of baking powder in the US. It was started by brothers Joseph Christoffel and Cornelius Nevius Hoagland in 1866. The brothers noticed that the baking powder they were making did not bring in much revenue and suffered from competition because the product was easy and cheap to produce. They therefore decided to name their powder the Royal Baking Powder, and to sink a huge sum into an advertising campaign. Soon the company was...
28. October 2019
24. October 2019
Very nice example of early branded content marketing to drive consumer education and engagement: A 1930's Nestlé Lactogen baby care guidebook for young Chinese mothers. The Lactogen brand was first introduced in 1919 and Nestlés history in China goes back to 1908 when it opened it's first distribution office in Shanghai.
15. October 2019
Quaker Oats was founded in 1877 and has been active in China since the early 20th century. In 2001 the company was bought by PepsiCo and in 2015 opened it's first local manufacturing facility in Beijing.
08. October 2019
A wonderful example of localized promotional merchandise from the 1930's: Ten tips for a healthy life and a Chinese chess (Xiangqi) board on the reverse. Bayer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with a history of selling to the Chinese market since 1882.
23. September 2019
"Made in Austria" by Julius Meister & Co., Vienna. The company was active from 1920 to 2012 and together with US firm Ronson represented the oldest lighter manufacturer in the world. The brand name was purchased in 2013 by the Japanese company Windmill and together with its Austrian association continues to enjoy widespread brand awareness in the Chinese market. Depicted with a 1930's cigarette trade card featuring a "fit Spanish beauty". Second picture shows a Chinese Tmall store that...
09. September 2019
06. September 2019
Already in the 1920's OSRAM had established a sales office in Shanghai, China on 15 Robinson Road (today's Changshou Road) to develop the booming Chinese lighting market. Today the company is in financial distress and in the middle of a takeover...
25. August 2019
23. August 2019
Fear of Fan Death is a real thing: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fan_death. But seems it was not much of a concern in 1930's China. This baby only has two modes: off or on! It can still kill you though if you stick your arm in it...

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